"We always have problems and John's always has solutions. There are so many produce companies to choose from but I always choose John's Market because of their EXCELLENT customer service, quality of product and always willing to help with alternative solutions when procuring for particular chefs."

Jen S.
Restaurant Purchasing Agent
Brooklyn, NY

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John's Gourmet Foodservice

Supplying New York's Finest Hotels and Restaurants Since 1995

About Our Wholesale Produce

Why worry about produce quality and availability when you can depend on Johns Gourmet Foodservice?

Johns Gourmet Foodservice utilizes our extensive resources to meet the wholesale produce needs of their most demanding clients.  As a premier fruit & vegetable wholesaler, John's carries a comprehensive selection of fruit and vegetables from the basic to the exotic including seasonal, organic and hard-to-find items.

Home to the finest restaurants and hotels in the world, New York chefs know John's Market is highly capable of fulfilling any produce requirement and has successfully done so since 1995.  Their knowledge, expertise and amazing customer service is unparalleled in the vegetable & fruit wholesale industry.


Johns Gourmet Foodservice is not just a produce wholesaler; our vast experience enables them to provide their clients with product recommendations, pricing incentives, inventory management options, just-in-time delivery and the ease and convenience of online, fax or phone ordering.

As a vegetable and fruit wholesaler,Johns Gourmet Foodservice is pleased to partner with global suppliers as well as local farmers to supply the absolute highest quality produce to the absolute highest quality restaurants and hotels in New York City.

If you need a high quality, dependable, fruit and vegetable wholesaler in the New York area, call John's today! 718.482.8422

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